CAMPAIGN NAME I Will Glam : The first TELETEXT videoclip in history
LAUNCH DATE April 29th, 2009
Pedro Marìn



Re-launch a Spanish pop-star from the 80s - Pedro Marin - that has been off the radar for 20 years.

Reconnect with his existing fans but also broadening his target audience by launching Pedro Marin's latest album in a modern, innovative and attractive way.



Creating buzz in music, creative and tech-communities by using the highly unexpected format - TELETEXT -
for the new video.

To accelerate the viral effect, the campaign was powered by an integrated on-line advertising
and PR-plan with a very low media investment.



“I WILL GLAM” will take Pedro Marín and his music one step further by using an unexpected and innovative media; THE TELETEXT.

THE TELETEXT arose in the same time and place (England 1972) as Pedro Marin's biggest musical influence, Glam Rock.



Creating the first video-clip for TELETEXT in history.

Using the classic TELETEXT graphics and re-inventing this presumably dull format in all media channels
used in the campaign(graphic/posters, official website, banners, direct marketing and concerts)
re-enforcing the identity of the concept "I WILL GLAM".

The video clip takes off on national TV (Cuatro Teletexto) and continues on to the Internet,
using the singer´s official website and other video platforms and web-sites within the music community in Spain.



Even though the campaign has just been released, CUATRO (a national network) has increased
their TELETEXT audience with 400% with the broadcast of Pedro Marin's video clip.

More details coming in May.

  I Will Glam video case study. Long version 3'00''

  I Will Glam video case study. Short version 1'00''